” Hello!, So you are new here ?! “


If it is your first time here, then I would like to welcome you to my new blog. It’s a nice and relatively quiet place, where I do some cool and totally cutting edge stuff (sometimes literally! :P). If you are new to IoT (which is perfect) or even if you have some prior knowledge on the subject (that’s excellent!), I would still suggest you check out the posts on this blog based on the order of the index here. Because each post usually builds up on the information shared in the previous ones. This will not only help you learn and enjoy the contents of this blog but also help you follow the instructions shared, quite easily. This is just a suggestion and you can always jump to any of the posts of your liking. Sounds cool ?!! Awesome! Go on then, click on a link from the list and get started. 🙂

Dawn of The New Internet, of Things!

Getting started with IoT [development]

My First Arduino Program

Arduino DIY – How to use a pushbutton

Standalone AVR Vs Arduino Uno – Part 1/2

Honey, I shrunk the Arduino!

Bootloading ATmega328P-PU (using Arduino Board as ISP)



Are you ready for this ?!? 😀


” Ah! one of the patrons then. “

If you are one of the regular visitors (thank you for your support and continuing interest), I presume you would’ve read the introductory posts already. So you may pick a post either from the list above or from the list below (also available in Blog section). There are perks of being a patron you see! 😉


Unboxing & Comparison : Genuine Arduino UNO vs Cheap Clone

DIY Essentials (tools n stuff)



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